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Psychomotor Lessons (manipulative)

Training Instructor 1B

formerly Fire Instructor 1A

Training Instructor 1B
Psychomotor (Manipulative) Lessons
Fire Science 74B "Training Instructor 1B"
Psychomotor (Manipulative) vs. Technical

Psychomotor (Manipulative) lessons utilize demonstrations on ‘how to do’ something and are the most common method of instruction in the fire service for training on a daily basis. Training Instructor 1B focuses on these "how to do" lessons that present psychomotor skills to students in the safe and effective use of a tool, piece of equipment or a procedure. A key element in fire service training is job competency and meeting the minimum standard 1001 as established by the National Fire Protection Association.
Here are some topic examples of manipulative lessons:

  • How to raise a 24' extension ladder (foot method)
  • How to couple a portable monitor unit
  • How to make a chute using a salvage cover
  • How to change a O2 cylinder on a oxygen unit

Technical lessons are the main focus in Training Instructor 1A that delivers presentations mainly by the lecture method. Developing topics at a level of understanding of the students, going from simple to complex or from known to unknown. Group discussions are also used during Training Instructor 1A lessons that involve exchanging ideas between students and the instructor.
Here are some topic examples of technical lessons:

  • Reasons for testing ladder
  • Methods used determining engine malfunctions
  • Conducting exterior surveys
  • Conditions requiring the use of a resuscitator
  • Company run reports pointing to training needs
  • Fire structure size-up

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