MABS 405: Developing Business Web Sites


Logging into CCSF Student Accounts:
  1. Click Start on Taskbar
  2. Select Run
  3. Type telnet
  4. At the login prompt, enter your hills userid.
  5. At the Password: prompt enter your hills password.
  6. If this is your first login, the initial student password is your birthday entered as

mmmddyy, e.g., jan0180 for Jan. 1, 1980

  1. At the TERM=(vt100) prompt, press <Enter
  2. The $ prompt indicates that you have successfully logged in
  3. Type setup or type "mkdir public_html" to create your public_html and, then within
    the public_html directory type"mkdir cgi-bin"to make the cgi-bin directory.
    Type chmod 755 for the public_html and the cgi-bin directories to give them permission.
    Use permission 755 for the rest of your files.
  4. Typels -al or ll to list files
  5. Type exit to log out
  6. For detailed instructions regarding logging in uploading web pages, go to

Using WS_FTP LE to Upload Your Web Pages
WS_FTP LE Download Ipswitch's WS_FTP Limited Edition , the world's most popular FTP client for Windows.
WS_FTP LE (32-bit) 5.08
Transfer files over the Internet.
OS: Windows 95/98/NT   License: Free


Using WS_FTP LE to Give UNIX Permissions:

WS_FTPLE can give unix permissions to a file or directory on theremote host computer. Highlight the file or directory and right-click to bringup a menu. Click on chmod (unix). For file read permissions, click on ok. Fordirectory execute permissions, click on execute for owner, group, and other.Click on ok.