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I am on sabbatical this Fall semester 2015, developing a new class: BIO 61 - The Biology of Cancer. I am excited!  It will  be offered in the Spring of 2016, Tuesdays from 6-9 pm.

In the Spring, I will also teach the lecture part of Bio 100A, co-teach the Introduction to Ecology online with my colleague Dr. Lisa DiGirolamo, and will again take the adventurous students on a weekend field course: The Ecology of Coastal Mendocino (camping). Hope to see you in one of those courses!

If you have questions regarding
  1. Biology 100A, please contact the department secretary Carol Long at;
  2. the Center for Habitat Restoration, please contact Joe Cannon at
  3. Bio 91 or 92, the Biology work experience course, please contact Peggy Lopipero-Langmo.